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Download the latest version of Tekken 5 Apk on your android smartphone.

I remember when I used to play Tekken 3 and experience realistic fighting gameplay. It was the most famous part of the Tekken series. , with time…graphics and gameplay quality of this series became advanced and today part five become more popular.

The game was originally developed for PlayStation and PC gamers.

However, a lot of gamers have demanded the mobile version of this amazing game. Playing a fighting game with thrill on mobile inevitably enhances the gaming experience.

For this, today I am going to review the mobile version of this game that is Tekken 5 Apk.

You can read various points of this game and later download it as well for your mobile. I will provide steps and a link to download its latest version. So, read this post till last.

Let’s get started with our topic…

Tekken game

The first game of the Tekken series came in 1994 which was the origin story of the game. The interesting and fresh story from the Namco developers attracted the gaming industry to this game.

However, compared to today it was nothing but it was perfect in their original time.
In 2004, the fifth part of this game was released. Today I will tell you how to download Tekken 5 Apk for free.

The game was pretty popular in the industry because it can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. Versatile fighters, an interesting storyline, and attractive gameplay are found on Tekken.

With the advancement of resources and the demand of gamers, others parts like Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, and many more were developed. The last one was Tekken 7.

Soon, Netflix is launching an animated series on this concept as Tekken: Bloodline!
The mobile version of this game was developed by a third-party developer and yes it is a mod version. Alike other mobile games, this one is not completely original. Instead, you will experience hacked gameplay.

Tekken 5 Gameplay

After the Iron Fist Tournament 4, Jin Kazama (the lead hero) is running the Mishima Company. But soon, there is the return of Heihachi (Jin’s grandfather) to the tournament.

Those who have played the previous parts of Tekken must be aware of Heihachi’s powers.

Playing Tekken 5 Apk Download on a smartphone makes the gameplay better!
The tournaments become more interesting when characters like Kazuya, King, Paul, Law, and much more return to the tournament.

In addition, the bugs or errors gamers listed in the previous part got cleared in this one. Having ultimate graphics and breath-taking gameplay…this game is here to boost your gaming experience.

I will discuss the steps to download the game in a while. Till then check out its key features.

Key features of Tekken

Tekken game series need no overview, still, I have listed some key features which you will experience while playing Tekken 5 Apk.

Graphic Quality

Compared to previous parts, Tekken 5 download has amazing graphic quality. With every fight, you are going to see the best animations and surroundings present in the game. The gameplay feels really high quality on good smartphones.

Cheat codes

As I have mentioned, this is a cracked or mod version of the original game so you will be getting many cheat codes on it. You have to tap on the back button once to see the cheat codes. Cheat codes like all players unlocked, all modes unlocked infinite health, no health, last stage, Vs. mode unlock, and many more can be used.


From gameplay, I will like to highlight the amazing fighting styles of the players. Each player comes with its own fighting style and moves.

You should master any one player’s moves and then practice till you become an expert. Learn the combo moves and powerful energy punches or kicks.

Different modes

There are many interesting modes present in Tekken 5 game. Modes like Arcade, Survival, Time Attack, Team Battle, and Vs. mode is very popular.

You can also unlock other modes using the cheats and play for free. I will recommend trying survival mode for training your moves.

Sound quality 

Sound and music play an important role in games. And when there is a fighting game like Tekken…there must be some thrilling and interesting music present in it.

Well, the sound quality of this game is up to the mark, you will hear exciting background music while fighting. With each fight, the music becomes unique and intense.

I will recommend using headphones while playing this amazing game!

Available for free

The latest version of this game is available for free. Tekken 5 Apk download from this post. I have listed steps and a link to download this game below.

If you have an android smartphone then you can download and install it easily.

Tekken 5 Apk Download

So, you have read all the necessary details about this amazing and now you must be wanted to play it. Well, originally the game is developed for PC systems but third-party developers have developed a mobile version of this game as well.

Now, mobile gamers can download and play this game as well.

By following these basic steps you can install the latest version of the game…

First, click on the link DOWNLOAD. A new tab will open you have to search for the game file. Now, download the latest version of the game. Once done go to File Manager on your phone.
Now look at the downloaded Apk file of this game, click on it!

Allow the file to get installed and install the game. You can open and enjoy the mod game.
Use cheat codes and win fights!


This was my review on Tekken 5 Apk.

I hope you have found enough details related to this game. If you are looking for some thrilling fighting game with advanced graphics and sound quality on your PC then you should try this one.

The game is available for free, so download it now! In conclusion, make sure to share your views in the comment section.

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