Ashton Kutcher's Revealed My nipples bled on Training

By Dharmesh Patel

Julye 12, 2022

Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher was shocked when his nipples started bleeding while training for the New York Marathon.

The Hollywood actor was horrified when he suffered chest pains during a recent 17-mile training session and found his nipple started to bleed according to report of

"I had bloody nipples. I'm like what is happening right now. My legs were fine, but my nipples were on fire,"

— Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher ran the marathon to raise money for Thorn - a charity that aims to eradicate child who suffering from sexual abuse.

He said that he was suffering from an "autoimmune flare-up" of the disease - which is described as inflammation of the blood vessels but the cause is still unknown.

Due to this he also revealed that he suffered from hearing loss and loss of balance as a result.

 "Before there are a bunch of rumors/ chatter/ whatever out there. Yes, I had a rare vasculitis episode 3yrs ago. 

— Ashton Kutcher

He assured his fans that he is on the right side and is preparing for the marathon in this November.

He added: "I fully recovered. All good. Moving on. See you at the 2022 NY Marathon w/Thorn."

— Ashton Kutcher

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