Brentford 3-1 Liverpool Live

By Dharmesh Patel

1 JAN 2023

The match is taking place on January 2nd, 2023 between Brentford and Liverpool in the Premier League.

The score is currently 3-1, with Liverpool having the majority of possession.

Ivan Toney, a key player for Brentford, is absent from the game due to injury.

Despite this, Brentford manager Thomas Frank is still confident in his team's abilities.

Liverpool has had several chances to score, but have been unable to convert them.

Wissa, a substitute player for Brentford, has made an impact on the game and is the team's second top scorer in the Premier League over the last two seasons.

The match is being closely contested, with both teams putting in a strong performance.

The game is ongoing, with the current score being 3-1.