How to know MAC address of Android Phone

By Dharmesh Patel

Sep 13, 2022

To Check MAC Address of android phone first you have to open settings of your android phone.

1. Open Settings

After Clicking on Setting, Go to button of settings and click on About Phone Section.

2. About Phone

Check Wi-Fi MAC option in about phone section.

3. Wi-Fi MAC

You Will See Your android phone's MAC Address There.

3. Wi-Fi MAC

If You see there like Unavailable, then turn on Wi-Fi of your android smart phone.

3. Wi-Fi MAC

After Turning on Wi-Fi of Your Android Smartphone, open about phone settings again.

3. Wi-Fi MAC

Now, You will see your android phone's MAC Address is Updated.

3. Wi-Fi MAC

I hope now you know that how to check MAC Address of Android Phone. If you want to see in Hindi then Checkout Below Link.