On the "Spout" podcast, host Tamara Dhia — who referred to the "Sekere" singer using "she" and "they" during subject transitions —...

...asked the 29-year-old former Disney star if he could help better understand the use of she. /her pronouns.

"Yeah, so they, um, I adopted their pronouns again," Lovato explained.

"So for me, I'm a fluid person who actually - I don't see it - I feel, especially in the last year, my energy is balanced in my energy of masculinity and femininity, so when. 

I'm faced with the choice of going to the bathroom and it says 'woman' and 'man,' I don't feel like there's a bathroom for me because I don't feel like a woman.

 I don't feel like a man. You like a person," he said.

 "And that's what they/they are to me. 

It's just about feeling human at the core," Lovato continued. 

"I've been feeling more feminine lately, so I adopted her again. 

But I think the most important thing is that no one is perfect."