LastPass Just Had a Security Breach

By Dharmesh Patel

Aug 24, 2022

Your personal accounts and data can be kept secure on the broad, unruly Internet by using a password manager.

 Password managers are not impenetrable, though. 

For instance: One of the most popular password managers, LastPass, is notifying customers that a breach occurred.

According to LastPass, a compromised developer account allowed an unauthorised third party access to the developer environment. 

LastPass has stated that, despite some proprietary source code and other proprietary material being obtained.

The attacker did not obtain any sensitive user information, including master passwords, encrypted account passwords, or account information.

The magnitude and scope of the breach are still being investigated, but Karim Toubba, the CEO of LastPass, is assuring consumers that no sensitive information or passwords were impacted.

 He's also not advising users to do anything with their accounts right now.

In a blog post, LastPass stated that it has taken containment and mitigation steps in response to the event and had hired a reputable cybersecurity and forensics company.

We have reached a state of containment and added increased security measures while our investigation is underway, and we have seen no new signs of illegal activity.

These days, it feels like everything and everyone is being compromised. 

Recent data breaches at Plex also resulted in the compromising of numerous users' account information. 

Although all breaches are horrible, your credentials aren't currently in risk for this particular one.