Minecraft's 1.18 update altered the manner in which ores are distributed. 

This guide details where players must look for ores in the existing 1.19 update. 

 To speak normally, Minecraft 1.18 saw ores assume a triangular distribution pattern, with their spawn rates decreasing and increasing as gamers move up and down the Y-levels. 

This indicates that the midpoint of an ore's circulation range is usually the very best location to look for that particular ore, as it is where the generate rate is the greatest.

 Considering that the release of Minecraft 1.19, this distribution of ores hasn't changed. 

 The following graphic showcases precisely how this manifests in-game, and there are further details on each private ore listed below it.

 Significantly, coal generates are affected by direct exposure to air below Y=136, which suggests that caverns will not be excellent sources for this ore in those lower levels. 

The new ore distribution has actually likewise made ore portions more considerable, and when mining coal, this modification is most visible.

 Coal is the primary fuel for furnaces in Minecraft, and is utilized to craft torches. 

It's among the most crucial resources gamers need to focus on getting throughout their very first days in survival,...

...as it permits players to cook food, smelt other ores and make torches to illuminate dark areas to ward away hostile mobs.

 It can be replaced with Charcoal, which is more expensive to make by heating wooden logs.

Copper can appear in Y-levels 112 through -16 in all biomes, though its generate rate is considerably increased in dripstone caverns.

 Despite where a gamer opts to look for Copper, Y=48 is the level that they need to target. 

Copper needs to be heated after it's mined to make Copper bars, which can then be used to craft numerous items. 

 It's not a needed resource as of yet, but can be utilized to make Copper blocks which will eventually oxidize...

... and change color with time unless players utilize wax on them from honeycombs.

 Copper can also be utilized to make a spyglass, which is probably the finest utility it supplies because it lets players zoom in without the usage of OptiFine.