Putin Alerts Border Control as Drones Target Russia

By Dharmesh Patel

1 March 2023

In response to a slew of drone assaults that targeted regions inside Russia, Russian President Putin instructed officials to tighten border control with Ukraine.

Putin was alerted after one of the drones crashed about 60 miles from Moscow.

Although they declined to accept blame for the strikes, Ukrainian officials asserted their right to launch forays to thwart Russia's invasion.

Images of the drone revealed that it was a diminutive Ukrainian-made model with a nearly 500-mile range but no capability to carry a significant amount of explosives.

Without causing any deaths, Russian military shot down a Ukrainian drone over the Bryansk region.

Without causing any harm on the ground, three drones targeted the border region of Russia called Belgorod, and one of them passed through a window of an apartment building in the city that bears its name.

There were no casualties or threats to the safety of nearby citizens, despite the fact that the drone attack in the Moscow region appeared to target a Gazprom gas distribution infrastructure.

The current conflict with Ukraine has claimed more lives in Russia than any other conflict since World War II.