According to a recent study, a group of researchers developed cordless innovation to from another location trigger specific brain circuits in fruit flies in just one second. 

In a published demonstration in Nature Materials, scientists from Rice, Duke University, Brown University and...

... Baylor College of Medicine used magnetic signals to trigger targeted nerve cells that controlled the body position of easily moving fruit flies in an enclosure.

 " To study the brain or to deal with neurological conditions the scientific neighborhood is searching for tools that are both extremely precise, 

however likewise minimally intrusive," said research study author Jacob Robinson,

 an associate professor in electrical and computer system engineering at Rice and a member of Rice's Neuroengineering Effort. 

"Remote control of choose neural circuits with magnetic fields is rather of a holy grail for neurotechnologies. 

Our work takes a crucial action toward that goal since it increases the speed of remote magnetic control, making it closer to the natural speed of the brain."

 Robinson stated the brand-new technology triggers neural circuits about 50 times faster than the...

... best previously demonstrated innovation for magnetic stimulation of genetically defined nerve cells.