Top 10 Legendary US Coin Collectors Through History

10. Col. E.H.R. Green - Early 20th Century Collector

9. Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. - Completed US Coin Set in 1950s

8. King Farouk of Egypt - Amassed Vast Collection Over 1930s-1940s

7. Dr. William Morton-Smith - Focused on Early US Rarities

6. John J. Pittman - Prolific Buyer/Seller of Key Date Coins

5. Eric P. Newman - Preeminent Collector and Numismatic Scholar

4. Josiah K. Lilly - Pharmaceutical Magnate, Donated Coins to Smithsonian

3. Harvey Stack - Stack's Rare Coins Market Maker for Decades

2. Q. David Bowers - Dealer, Collector, Numismatic Encyclopedia

1. Ambassador R. Henry Norweb & Wife Emery May - Western Hemisphere Collection